Specialized Translations

  • Translation of text and documents from different fields of specialization:
    • Legal documents.
    • Manuals and technical reports.
    • Tourist brochures.
    • Advertising texts.
    • etc.
  • Software localization and website translation

Sworn Translations

  • University degrees, certifications and transcripts
  • University admissions
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Identity documents , passports and driver’s licenses
  • Books of family, birth certificates, death certificates and census
  • Cadastral certificates , bank statements and tax returns
  • Certification and Contract employment
  • Certificates of criminal record
  • Certificates of marriage and marriage annulment
  • Medical certificates
  • Certificates from the Mercantile Register
  • Sentences (decisions on divorce, separation or annulment)
  • Notarized documents
  • Contracts
  • Criminal record
  • Patents

Intrepretation Services

  • Liaison Interpreter/Hostess at trade fairs, events and business meetings.
  • Working languages: German, English <> Spanish, Catalan.

Text Revision and Correction

  • Proofreading of articles and documents from the academic, technical and labor field